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U of M paid $2.3 million to run mostly empty buses

April 22, 2016

About 85 percent of the seats on the busses that traverse the campus area five days a week are empty, and some buses make a full round-trip completely empty. The U of M paid nearly $725,000 in 2015 to Groome Transportation of Tennessee, the private company that operates the shuttles.

Violent sorority hazing haunts University, officials refuse to identify suspects

Apr 8, 2015

After suffering insults, slaps to the face and being forced to answer to nicknames like “Fail,” 11 University of Memphis sorority pledges stood in line for one last humiliation. Other Zetas jeered as a tall women went down the line beating faces. During the attack, one pledge heard the crunch of her own nose breaking.

University too busy to write parking citations

Feb. 22, 2016

The amount of money the U of M pulled in from parking tickets decreased by about $94,000 in 2015 from the pervious year. This is the biggest drop in seven years.

Demolition will open way for small Downtown park on Madison | Park will appear where Anderton's once stood

July. 18, 2014

The purchase of 151 Madison comes at a time when entrepreneurs have brought new life to Madison storefronts. In a Downtown where one fifth of the office space stands vacant, a big bank and local merchants have allied to bring life to a little boarded up piece of Madison.

Veterans grill VA officials at Cohen town hall

June 27, 2014

SDeck for this story can go in right here herer Deck for this story can go in right here herer Vietnam veteran Archie Collins pulled a respirator mask off his face and shouted at three officials from the Department of Veterans Affairs who attended U.S. Rep Steve Cohen's VA

Two teens charged with attempted murder in South Memphis police shooting

June 25 2014

Two teenagers were arrested on charges of evading arrest and attempted first-degree murder after suspects fired at police officers following a traffic stop. Two teenagers were arrested on charges of evading arrest and attempted first-degree murder after suspects fired at police officers following a traffic stop. Police

City shelter re-opens after parvo strikes twice

June 16 2014

The city-operated animal shelter will reopen Tuesday after discovery of the life-threatening parvovirus for dogs led to euthanizing more than 10 animals this past weekend, according to a series of emails and press releases from the facility's leadership.


U of M students react to first Clinton Trump presidential debate

Sept. 29, 2016

More than 130 spectators snacked on pizza while Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump talked over each other, during a University of Memphis debate watch party dubbed Pizza and Politics. Read more...

Peaceful protest emerges in response to vandal's racist note

Oct. 5, 2016

A stern silence fell over the front of the University Center as the Black Student Association took a stand against inequality and peacefully protested racism... Read more

Tigers with talent tear up the UC theater for a chance to open T.I.

Oct. 19, 2016

Cheers echoed from the open doors of the University Center Theatre inviting students and faculty to the 2016 Undiscovered Tigers Showcase. Hosted by the Student Activities Council, the event allowed the audience to select who would open for rappers T.I. K Camp at the U of M homecoming. Read more...

Religious protestor creates ‘chaos’ in front of university

Sept. 22, 2016

John McGlone, 56, stood on the hill in front of the UC Wednesday and protested with a sign that read “WWJD: Who Will Jesus Damn?” Read more...


All clear, no shooting at Navy Yard

July 2, 2015

WASHINGTON – After locking down the Washington Navy Yard for hours amid reports of a possible shooting Thursday morning, officials said there had been no shooting at the site of a mass murder two years ago. At a press conference nearly four hours after the first call to police, Metropolitan Police Chief Cathy L. Lanier confirmed there was no shooter and no casualties. Read more...

Despite assassinations, Libyan women seek place in government

Aug. 14, 2015

WASHINGTON – Until the night Libyan lawyer and activist Salwa Bugaighis was shot dead, the people of Benghazi thought they were still safe from assassination behind the concrete courtyard walls and thick wooden doors of their own homes. In the summer of 2014, women who might have been targets still feared being shot in their cars or while walking down the street – but not in their houses, said Wafa Bugaighis, chargé d’affaires at the Embassy of Libya in Washington and Salwa Bugaighis’ first cousin. Read more...


Bookbinder brings beauty to notepads

Lakeview Towers fire displaces families

Towson holds Fourth of July parade

Murdered 13-year-old boy remembered at vigil


Students get crash course in crossing Southern tracks safely

Students fight to keep historic dorm instead of new dorms

$2.6 million in parking tickets collected by university

Wharton concedes defeat to Strickland in mayoral race

Little hope for closing professor gender pay gap at Memphis

Ludacris will perform at the U of M homecoming