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Blue flu? Dozens of Memphis police call in sick

July 5, 2014

Nearly 200 Memphis police officers called in sick over the last few days, forcing police brass to redeploy officers and request assistance from the Shelby County Sheriff's Office. All of this comes after the Memphis City Council approved the mayor's proposal to cut retiree health insurance subsidies in June. The proposal also increased premiums for employees and retirees.

Sun Studio marks anniversary of Elvis record€'That's All Right'

July 5, 2015

Fans celebrated the 60th anniversary of Elvis Presley's recording of "That's All Right" at Sun Studio on Saturday. That's all right, Mama Every year Donnie and Colleen Adkins drive 750 miles from Michigan to Memphis for Elvis Week. But on Saturday, the couple made a special trip to

Ride shares Uber and Lyft drive in Memphis with looming cease-and-desist

July 14, 2014

Uber and Lyft drivers defy city's cease and desist letter and keep hauling Memphis passengers Monday. Lyft and Uber continued to drive customers in Memphis Monday, despite the city sending a cease-and-desist letter last week. City officials said they weren’t cracking down on the upstart ride services because they

Demolition will open way for small Downtown park on Madison | Park will appear where Anderton's once stood

July. 18, 2014

The purchase of 151 Madison comes at a time when entrepreneurs have brought new life to Madison storefronts. In a Downtown where one fifth of the office space stands vacant, a big bank and local merchants have allied to bring life to a little boarded up piece of Madison.

Veterans grill VA officials at Cohen town hall

June 27, 2014

SDeck for this story can go in right here herer Deck for this story can go in right here herer Vietnam veteran Archie Collins pulled a respirator mask off his face and shouted at three officials from the Department of Veterans Affairs who attended U.S. Rep Steve Cohen's VA

Two teens charged with attempted murder in South Memphis police shooting

June 25 2014

Two teenagers were arrested on charges of evading arrest and attempted first-degree murder after suspects fired at police officers following a traffic stop. Two teenagers were arrested on charges of evading arrest and attempted first-degree murder after suspects fired at police officers following a traffic stop. Police

City shelter re-opens after parvo strikes twice

June 16 2014

The city-operated animal shelter will reopen Tuesday after discovery of the life-threatening parvovirus for dogs led to euthanizing more than 10 animals this past weekend, according to a series of emails and press releases from the facility's leadership.

Crowd cheers for Affordable Care Act

June 25, 2015

WASHINGTON — A crowd outside the U.S. Supreme Court erupted into cheers Thursday when the court ruled in favor of the subsidies and federal exchanges in the Affordable Care Act Read more...

Victims’ families push Senate for immigration crackdown

July 21, 2015

im Steinle, father of the San Francisco woman who was killed by an undocumented immigrant, tells the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on Tuesday that Congress should pass a law imposing a mandatory minimum five-year prison sentence for anyone caught illegally re-entering the country a second time. Read more...

Guidelines needed for engineering human DNA, scientists say

June 1, 2015

Scientist urged caution Tuesday about over regulating the use of human genome engineering in the United States. At the same time, they said that boundaries should be established. Read more...

’50s-era bonds inadequate for 21st century oil, gas wells

Exploding airbags still a mystery, Takata tells Senate

Comedian influences Ag Bill, members of Congress say

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Students get crash course in crossing Southern tracks safely

Students fight to keep historic dorm instead of new dorms

$2.6 million in parking tickets collected by university

Wharton concedes defeat to Strickland in mayoral race

Little hope for closing professor gender pay gap at Memphis

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